Scroll of Thoughts

  • Sorry for the Confusion

    rain drenched the field and trees. People ran away trying not to get wet, but they couldn’t outrun the...
  • How are you?

    ...expectations society puts on you to be the perfect example of what ‘your’ life should be like,
  • Found it

    The major difference is now, you won’t have to think.
  • A Glimpse of my Struggle

    Nearly blinded by the reflection of my iphone screen, it reflects 3:42 am, I got 8mins of extra sleep today. A depressing Hooray! I sit on the edge of the bed, my head being one with gravity, disappointed that I have to experience this regularly...
  • The Beginning

    “The tractor starts up, horn blows and he’s on the move. The race begins yet again, across the yard, I dash through the trees.”
  • Meet Your Gift

    To free yourself is to be yourself. To be yourself, you must know yourself, and to know yourself, you must meet yourself.
  • Energy Leaves

    "As it spreads like a wild fire, and the smoke becomes more dense, beware...Your first perception will limit you from connecting to your other sense.The sign you've fallen victim to society is"

  • A Beautiful Conversation

    "There was once a time we didn't talk, give others time to find their path. Most people won't be still, they're constantly distracted by things of the world."