A Beautiful Conversation

Each day, there are millions of conversations happening that will never be heard. Here is a brief snippet of a conversation I recalled.

I wish there was a way that I can show the world how beautiful and amazing you are.

"There is, and you can. Just be yourself and they'll meet both of us, Soul and Body."

But what if they don't see what I see? What will I do then?

If they have met themselves, they've already met me on some level. For I am you, and U are We. We are all connected, created from one source."

Ahh, yes, I've heard that before, but everyone seems so divided at times.

"There was once a time we didn't talk, give others time to find their path. Most people won't be still, they're constantly distracted by things of the world. Be patient, it'll happen."


After I exited this trance, I realized it was a conversation within myself. Many people struggle with embracing who they are. One reason is because we often seek outside validation, and this strongly affect how much we value ourselves. The greatest feeling is being able to freely connect with yourself and joyfully stand in your truths, while expressing this light to the world.

A Beautiful Conversation 

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