Energy Leaves

Gather around, the fire is already ignited;

my heart is racing, it's clear that I'm excited.


To show you what I see

and tell you what I hear.

Touch you with what I feel,

to purposely share the energy within the air.


But it's extremely difficult, when you refuse to taste the flavor,

mainly because society labels me as danger.

As it spreads like a wild fire, and the smoke becomes more dense,


Your first perception will limit you from connecting to your other sense.


The sign you've fallen victim to society,

afraid to be an individual or loner,

is revealed in your first reaction.

scorning as you smell the aroma.



We live in a society where individualism is shunned and frowned upon. I was once a victim of society, choosing to follow the masses and not be led by my own light on my path. 

The focus can extend across religion, character, love, culture and tradition, to life itself. Some people miss out on a life changing experience because they ignore their own belief or thought, and fall victim to society (the common mind that defends something they don't know).

This short poem is about my experience with a popular plant ;)


Energy Leaves

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