How are you?

Read this when you are alone. Don’t go any further if you are around others, or you are not in a quiet setting.
I know you didn’t care for the above statement, so I won’t tell you what I originally wanted to share. I’ll cover it up with some sound good words that even if you don’t agree with it, you won’t judge me too heavily for it. Because that’s what we do in our everyday lives.
If I ask you how are you doing, you’ll tell me “I’m good, everything cool, thankful for life”, all of that sound good cover up words. You are afraid to show what’s really going on inside of your life. You may be ready to break down, everyone seems to be against you, nothing you attempt is coming out like you want it to, you think you need help from someone else (who may be going through the same as you, life).
Mudda fuck, Don’t be a parent, sheesh! it’s more weight on you to have everything together.
Anything you do affects your child, and let’s not get started on the expectations society puts on you to be the perfect example of what ‘your’ life should be like, as if they’re living life as you.
You’re doing good though. No one knows the battles you face every day, and that’s your super power. Think about how many rough experiences you’ve made it through. Last year nearly all your plans got canceled! Shit, they’re trying to control your bed time now lol.
But you just need to channel your energy and focus.
I’ve already said too much.
You may still be around people or noise, so I won’t listen to the words I spoke as I read about how powerful I AM. 
Whenever you get time to speak back, you’ll  smile at the mirror.

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