Sorry for the Confusion

If I told you I died before, you’d ridicule me and blatantly call me a liar. But for some reason you would fight me down, argue and debate about a man dying on the cross and coming back to life days later. 
I understand why though, you believe only what you can’t see. And that’s why I sometimes wish we never met. Because I’m too close to you, ain’t no way someone you know is that powerful right.
I don’t want you to read my second sentence and think I don’t believe! I just interpret it differently. 
Let’s get this example.
“The clouds were black, and as the wind made a fierce gust, rain drenched the field and trees. People ran away trying not to get wet, but they couldn’t outrun the rain; everyone got soaked.”
You may read the above lines and create the mental image of a dark stormy day, with a lot of trees or some open field in the country. But what if I told you, I stood by the fence, and watched as 2 clouds covered the soccer field and it began to rain during the second half of the high school soccer championship game. As I leaned on the fence, I noticed the trees on the left side of the field as everyone was running to the right, away from the rain. Because they were on the field and the rain came down all of a sudden, the players got wet.  Twenty steps from the field it was dry, but they were already wet, so technically they didn’t outrun the rain.
Now, what if the writers of the Bible explain the things they perceived during their time on earth in their unique way. We often interpret it in our own way, and who’s to say we are right or wrong? We weren’t there when they wrote it, and even if we were present, we may have seen a different point of view.
But yea, back to the story about my death. Actually, I think I’ll share it when we become strangers. After all, most only believe in the things they see, not in the actual person. 

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