Deserted island

It's been about a month that I've been on this cay. Thoughts have been abnormal, productivity have been low, but yet I'm still finding my way here writing. Imagination is the greatest gift we have as humans. Our ability to act on our imagination is our greatest skill. And the achievement, to relive our imagination is our greatest success in life.

I have three roommates, the setting is very close to living in jail: bunk beds, they feed us three times a day, and all we do is work, chill and talk, sleep, repeat. I'm in the process of breaking out of this matrix, but I often question if I'll insert myself back into the matrix, just on a different level.


I want to live my dream, not just witness  it in my head. I want to be the superhero I see myself as. Most people give their power to other people and businesses by focusing on money and forfeiting their power to live.


I am god when I act in truth and purpose. Not saying I am the Creator, but when I'm creating with authentic purpose, I'm sharing a message from God to the world, making me more than the physical person you see.  



Most people don't see it that way, they're so focused on others that they won't activate their own power to share or express God.