What is MindBox

There is an unique path to get to a sacred destination, whether you are intentional about it or not. Upon this particular destination, the map has been given to each of us, but only a few choose to pursue their unique path. Right where you are, at this very moment, the first step along this journey is to close your eyes, take two deep breaths, and inhale / exhale slowly... for MindBox is a place, physically not visible, but it very much exist.

Growing up, I kept this place in the darkness of my mind, worried that the world would deem me as crazy. Fortunately, I see a place where one can freely explore their imagination without restriction and worldly limitations. Society shuns the individuals that expresses a different perception from the norm, dimming the lights of many children with wild imagination and dreams.

MindBox was officially identified in 2018, through a meditation meeting as a creative space, filled with ideas, gifts, and talents, locked within each individual's mind. Our mission here, is to inspire and assist people to activate their inner dreams, that will unlock the treasures that are within. 

I encourage you to have an open mind, think often, dream a lot, and most importantly:



MindBox by Maverick Bowleg