Ignite Your Fire

Close your eyes and visualize a blazing fire. Watch as the flames dance freely, breathing clouds of smoke towards the heavens. As this smoke expands into the air, it evidently disappears, evolving into oxygen, only to breathe its passion back into the fire it once escaped. The more the firs has access to the oxygen, the more intense the fire blazes.

Through this cycle of the blazing fire, ponder on your life and its path to this very moment. We all burn with fires internally, and the path you embrace to carry this torch is yours alone. Those who have walked the path before us will fuel our passions, whether we are aware of it or not. Most of the things we love to do, that we're mysteriously amazing at, was passed down through our ancestors. The more we connect with our family lineage, the more understanding we will be of our power within.

I dare you to ask your parents about their parents, their siblings, and their life experiences and aspirations, or about the people you haven't met who's in their life before you. You will come to realize that your parents' experiences in life can empower you by learning who you are. This knowledge allows you to accept yourself, love yourself, and most importantly, express yourself freely, just as a fire blazes.

The connection to your oxygen (ancestors) gives you access to years of wisdom and spiritual powers. Whenever you are in doubt and feeling overwhelmed in this world, 

Grab a match

Light a candle

and Observe the Blazing Fire!

Admire each path in the cycle, the sparks, the flames, the smoke, and the unseen oxygen. The living ancestor in your family lineage is the closest to evolving, so ask them about those that came before them. The fire is fueled by itself, the greatest form of its evolution, Oxygen. The Creator made life visible in all forms, The Power is Within.

Embrace Your Path and Feel Your Power